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Why Hire Me? I offer more.

 - No cell phone photos. When you work with me, you get top-of-the-line photography and videography.

 - No "throwing out numbers". I provide extensive marketing and pricing analysis supporting the price I recommend.

 - No "list it and wait". I provide staging assistance, a custom website, creative Coming Soon marketing strategy, QR code signage for road and foot traffic, social media promotion, etc to ensure your property gets as many eyes as possible and is in the best position to get top dollar. 



Personalized Approach

This is when I listen, a lot. There is a reason you are selling, and I want to learn all about it. I'll also take this time to educate you on the selling process if this is your first time, or its been awhile since you've done it in the past. There are several options of how to go about it and I will figure out the best one for you.


Based on your goals.

The fact is, not every home is magazine cover-worthy. And, that's ok! I will make a plan that caters to your situation and discuss what is necessary and what isn't to get the home sold at the price you want. This can include decluttering, professional photography, minor repairs or updates, staging, landscaping, drone photography, property feature video, etc.

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Get your home in front of every possible buyer.

I will market the home across the web, social media channels, various apps,  as well as work my own network of buyers and real estate professionals to ensure maximum exposure. There is when a combination of quality visual online presence and well as the agent is representing you is very important.


It's about more than just the $$.

There are several factors other than price that make an offer "the best offer". I will guide you through what these factors are and again, which will work best for your situation and your goals.

Signing a Contract
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Only half the process is over.

Accepting an offer doesn't seal the deal. There are several additional steps and further negotiation that can come as a result of them, such as home inspections, well & septic inspections, property survey, and appraisal.  I will work together with the buyer to ensure they stick around and we all make it to the closing table.


The finish line.

Once all contingencies are cleared, we will work out the final details, such as utility transfer, possession date, and key exchange. Once we close, you may or may not be moved out yet. Either way, it is reason to celebrate! You successfully sold your home.

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