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Why work with me?

What makes me different.

1) I listen. A common misconception is that Realtors need to be strong personalities and aggressive negotiators. I disagree. While those qualities can be useful at times, listening and knowing when to speak up is the key to providing quality service as well as successful negotiation. 

2) I prioritize your experience, not my sales numbers. I would rather provide you with my undivided attention and commitment and turn you into a client for a lifetime than close your sale as. well as ten other transactions in a month. 

3) I want to work with people I like. Don't you? Making sure we are a good fit for each other is crucial to establishing trust between us, and it goes both ways. If we don't genuinely like  and respect each other, it could be a rough road ahead. 

4) I know what I am doing. No real estate sale is the same. Not one. As a result, I've become extremely resourceful and an expert problem solver. If I can't figure it out, I have the resources of well-respected and accessible brokers and several partners in the industry and community to get the answers and support I need. 

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