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You’ve Got Questions - I’ve Got Answers

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In what area do you help clients buy and sell homes?

Throughout West Michigan! I've have sold a variety of properties, from downtown Grand Rapids condos to homes along Lake Michigan. However, I would say my expertise is residential homes in the Greater Grand Rapids area. 

How do I see homes?

Get a hold of me either by phone, text, or email as soon as possible. We will look up the listing and see if there are any pertinent deadlines or unique information to be aware of. Then, we will get a private showing schedule for you!

Does it cost anything to have an initial consultation to discuss buying a home or listing a home for sale? 

Nope! I will meet with you (virtually or in-person) to discuss how the process works, provide insight on the best strategy for your needs, and get to know you better. Only cost is some time investment. 

Do I need a mortgage pre-approval to see homes with you? 

No. However, I won't help you start looking at homes until you've at least started the conversation with a mortgage lender (unless you are planning to purchase the home with cash). 

Do you work with any specific type of price range of properties? 

No, I am willing to work with any property type and price range. However, I specialize in existing and new-build residential properties and condos.

How do I know what I can afford when buying a home?

A homebuyer should typically be able to afford a home that is 3 to 3.5 times your annual salary (or income). However, there are several factors at play. We can connect you with some great mortgage lenders that can answer this question better than I can based on your specific financial situation. Just let me know you'd like a referral!

How do I go about both buying and selling a home simultaneously? 

Great question. One that has a variety of answers and approaches depending on your personal situation and finances. Know that it is possible and we help clients do it all the time, it will just take some conversation, strategy, and planning!

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