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New Construction Pricing Factors

These three factors heavily impact the varying prices when looking at homes in a new development in West MI. Another factor may be the builder. Some developments have a handful of different builders that have bought lots within the development and they have different pricing packages, lists of what comes standard with their builds, quality of work, etc that may also impact pricing within that neighborhood.

If you’re looking to build on some land you already purchased, another big pricing factor is the set up costs of that lot. This is made up of things like lot clearing, excavation and grading, running electric and gas to the site, and driveway length. Homes in development typically have all this done already. I am learning a lot about this as we are in the process right now, so please feel free to ask questions!

I have two great guides on new construction. One explaining the process and how to determine if it’s right for you and one explaining how financing building a home works. Contact me for a copy!

*Disclaimer: When I mentioned that floor plans with the primary suite on the main floor are more expensive, I was referring generally to two story home (in West MI).

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